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How Does Honey Affect Your Body and Enrich Your Health?

Raw honey – it’s healthy! Just about everyone has heard of the health benefits of natural honey, but are you familiar with specific ways to use honey to achieve better health? Get to know how honey can help the body heal – naturally!

Raw Honey Has Natural Healing Properties

Recognized as an antibacterial, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory agent, honey is considered a powerhouse when it comes to natural health solutions. And its nutritional profile makes it even more attractive. A single tablespoon of honey (about 20 grams) contains 64 calories, zero grams of fat, protein and fiber, and only 17 grams of carbs and 17 grams of sugar – that’s an amazing breakdown when you consider honey’s powerful healing capabilities.

Because it carries several healing properties at once, honey can be beneficial for a range of medical conditions and quality of life issues. Honey has been used to treat all sorts of illnesses, including sore throat, cough and congestion, skin lesions, acne, vision problems, allergies, and obesity – and that’s just to name a few. 

Natural Honey and Raw Honey – Both Healthy Options

One of the benefits of using honey for health is that it’s an all-natural remedy. The purer the honey, the better it is for your health! That’s why natural honey is strongly recommended over products that rely on chemicals, pesticides, or other artificial ingredients. If you want the best health boost, natural honey is the way to go.

Raw honey – which doesn’t undergo pasteurization – packs an even stronger punch of health benefits than processed honey, though naturally processed honey is still considered a great choice. Raw honey comes straight from the beehive, so it retains a certain amount of bee pollen and propolis in its composition, which deepens the potential of health and wellness benefits.

4 Classic Health Benefits of Honey

Throughout history, the use of honey for health has been documented as a traditional practice in communities around the world. Here are a few of the most classic applications of natural honey for health purposes.

All-Around Throat Health – Sore throat, dry cough, phlegm, congestion – honey can help heal the throat by soothing the passageway and delivering antibacterial qualities to the source of the problem.

Healthy Sugar Substitute for Diabetics – Honey is a natural sweetener. For diabetics and non-diabetics alike, watching daily processed sugar intake is key to maintaining healthy weight and blood sugar. Swapping a spoonful of sugar for natural honey is a great way to eat healthier and satisfy a sweet tooth.

Skin Abrasions and Minor Wounds – As a natural antiseptic, honey has the power to kill certain bacteria and fungi when applied topically. This can help heal minor scrapes, prevent infection, and promote new tissue growth to reduce scarring.

Support Digestive Health – Offering prebiotic qualities, raw honey can replenish the digestive tract with healthy bacteria and keep things moving smoothly and regularly.

These are just some of the celebrated uses of natural honey for health! Whether it’s used to target a specific condition or preventative, there are incredible health benefits possible with natural honey.

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