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Our Big Buzz Orchestra Family

Questions about Big Buzz Orchestra honey? We’ve got answers! Learn everything you need to know about our organic honey and our unique approach to beekeeping.


How is honey made? Where does raw organic honey come from?

Our worker bees spend their lifetime collecting pollen and nectar from flowers on the mighty Danube River and bringing it back to the hive, where it is tucked away and transformed into honey. Once filled, the beeswax hives are then capped off by the bees using a wax-like film. This natural process allows the raw honey to be encapsulated safely in honeycombs.


What do beekeepers do?

Bees are totally capable of making honey on their own. But beekeepers help keep the hive safe and healthy by providing additional support and managing dangerous threats from the environment. Beekeepers build clean hive boxes to provide a safe place for bees to produce their natural organic honey. They also monitor their progress and deliver additional sources of nectar if the colony seems to be struggling.


Is our natural organic honey sustainable?

Yes! Big Buzz Orchestra is committed to using the most sustainable beekeeping practices, because we know the important role that these pollinators play in the ecosystem. We recycle, compost organic scraps, and limit our waste as much as possible. In fact, we have eliminated plastics and non-recyclable materials from our packaging. Sustainability is no joke – we take our organic honey seriously!


Why is natural organic honey better for the environment?

Honeybees are powerful pollinators, and they have a big role to play in environmental health. Fruit trees and flowers rely on honeybee pollination, and the less we intervene with manmade chemicals and pesticides, the better. Natural organic honey production is not only extremely beneficial for the environment – it’s healthy for our communities, too!


Is honey good for you?

The health benefits of honey have been celebrated for centuries. In fact, the ancient Egyptians used honey for its medicinal properties because of its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities. Though it is high in natural sugars, raw honey is packed with health benefits.


How many flavors of honey are there?

Because our organic honey is made from the plants around the mighty Danube River, different batches of honey can have different depths of color or hints of flavor. Our beekeepers have developed a honey harvesting system in which we can offer six unique honey flavors, each with a premium level of quality and consistency. From linden honey to sunflower honey, these flavor profiles showcase the amazing work of honeybees.


How much honey comes from a hive?

Each hive produces about 70 pounds of honey per season. However, this can fluctuate depending on weather conditions, the health of the hive, and harvesting techniques. Let’s just say, it takes a lot of work for those bees to produce a single jar of organic honey – that’s why we savor every bite!


What makes Big Buzz Organic honey different?,

We are lucky to be situated in an amazing location where the natural terrain yields phenomenal beekeeping conditions. Located in Belene, on the banks of one of the biggest rivers in Europe - Danube, Big Buzz Orchestra is able to harvest natural honey from one of the most pristine wildlife areas of Bulgaria. Extremely remote, the biodiversity of this region provides the best conditions for harvesting natural organic honey – fresh air, clean rivers, and an abundance of flora and fauna.

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