Изкуството на пчеларя

The art of beekeeping

Beekeeping really is no easy task. In order to harness the sweet nectar of the gods, one must come prepared with patience and care for the little beings.

At Big Buzz Orchestra, we take special care of our little friends, helping them as much as possible to grow and work in peace. Beekeeping isn’t only a job, it’s an act of ultimate care for the world. The importance of bees to our home planet is nothing short of important. This is why we have compiled a short list of introductory remarks on beekeeping for those interested in helping preserve the overall population.

Flowers - bees love flowers. The little beings thrive on forage, and get sick or die when forage is poor. Pollen is one of the most important factors and sources of critical nutrients when it comes to building a healthy colony. Ample supplies of pollen help the bees survive hard winters and there are many supplements one can use if needed.

The sun, good bee husbandry involves direct access to sunlight. Bees use honey as the fuel source to generate the heat necessary to warm the bedroom—it is critical that they always have a “heating fuel reserve” in the form of combs of stored honey. Keeping bees in tight dry boxes with great sun exposure helps in keeping the creatures healthy.

Toxins should be avoided. Man-made synthetic pesticides, plus the more generic pollutants that bees pick up in dust and water. One should avoid using synthetic substances lest they harm the bees even more. 

Parasites are another problem that should be dealt with carefully. The key to protecting honey bee colonies from harmful diseases, parasites, and other pests is the ability to identify problems early and taking matters in your own hands.

By following these few and easy steps in bee husbandry, you’re not only guaranteed success and honey, you’re helping the world heal the damages that we as humans have dealt to it. You’re taking responsibility, and we are too. And if we, as a species, are to realise all of our complex plans for the future of the world, we are to look down first and the simple and down-to-earth practice of beekeeping.

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