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Нашите опаковки Дует са перфектия вариант ако ви се иска да опитате два от уникалните ни вкусове.

Дали за всекидневието или като подарък за някой специален човек, разполагаме с вкусен буркан Big Buzz Orchestra за всеки.

Медът на Big Buzz Orchestra идва от една от най-съхранените територии на България. Кошерите ни са разположени по диви места, където човешки крак не е стъпвал.

Frequently asked questions

Our Duet gift box contains two 440 gram jars of a unique flavor honey that comes in a premium gift packing, along with a wooden honey dipper.

Our Symphony Gift Box is perfect for every occasion - from sweetening someone's marriage to showing your gratitude to a loved one. We assure you that everyone will find a flavor they love from our Symphony Gift Box. 

Our hives offer six unique different flavors: Acacia tree, Amorpha Fructosa, Linden, Rapeseed, Sunflower and Polyfloral. You can try the flavors separately in our Solo boxes, combine two flavors in the Duet box, or try all the six types of honey by purchasing the Symphony Gift Box. 

Our organic honey is produced on the banks of the Danube river in Bulgaria. The Island of Belene is the biggest island on Balkan peninsula and one of the most preserved natural habitats in Europe. 

Yes! Our family of four devotes its life to beekeeping. We, Krasimir, Tsvetelina, Miroslav and Borislav believe in the power of honey. We learn a lot from our bees - how to be patient, hardworking, and harmonious. You can find more info for every one of us here. 

Our Big Buzz Orchestra Organic honey is thoroughly tested in private laboratory and Bulgarian Food Safety Agency. Each jar of Big Buzz Orchestra Organic honey is free from pesticides, antibiotics and other harmful substances.

Yes, our organic honey is suitable for cooking. It can be used in various recipes - for both hot and cold dishes. Our honey is a perfect substitute for sugar. Keep in mind that honey reduces its health benefits when it’s heated. 

All of our boxes are shipped free within the European Union. Outside the EU standard shipping conditions apply.