Foods that Taste Better with Honey

Foods that Taste Better with Honey

Some things are just meant to be together. Check out our list of food items that are just better when paired with honey.


Two words – Honey. Roasted. Raw nuts on their own are already a satisfying snack with great crunch factor. But some nuts – especially walnuts, pecans, and almonds – can get a much tastier kick when they’ve been roasted with a natural honey drizzle. Add a pinch of salt before roasting them in the oven, and you’ve got yourself a delicious treat that’s both sweet and savory. Yum!


Maybe not the most glamorous of all breakfast items, oatmeal is still a tried and true favorite in many households. But this modest little meal can get a full-blown makeover with the right additions. Stir in a spoonful of golden honey – and maybe a dash of cinnamon – and this easy breakfast dish becomes something worth jumping out of bed for.

Peanut Butter

So we already know that nuts and natural honey are a classic combo. But a slice of toast with peanut butter – creamy or crunchy – can take on another dimension with a drizzle of honey on top, along with a few banana slices. Now that’s the way to start your day!

Tea & Coffee

You’ve probably tried natural honey in your tea – that’s classic! But have you ever tried honey in your coffee? As a natural sweetener, honey can be used in place of sugar – a smart swap that’s healthier for your body and a pleasant surprise for your taste buds. Try a dash of honey in your coffee sometime and experience a whole new perspective.


You can caramelize just about anything by adding natural honey and heat. Fruit is no exception! Drizzle fresh fruit with honey and place it on the grill for an amazingly sweet treat with restaurant quality.


There’s a reason why those charcuterie boards always have a little pot of natural honey nearby. Though it may sound odd, cheese and honey actually go together really well! Try a nutty cheese first, like Parmigiano-Reggiano, before venturing out into other flavor combos.

Fish & Chicken

Natural honey added to grilled chicken can create a caramelized effect that also browns the chicken and provides a gentle crisp. Fish is another great choice. Add a healthy drizzle of natural honey to fish before baking it to bring out a deeper degree of flavor that you’ll fall in love with.

Okay, our taste buds are fired up and tummies are grumbling with all this talk about sweet, natural honey and drool-worthy dishes. Excuse us while we run off for a tasty treat!

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