To hear is to be touched from afar.

The Product of the Bee Symphony


Rhythm is linked to vibration. That is how music creates an involuntary intimacy between juxtaposed bodies.

– Pascal Quignard

Music draws in

Different frequencies and rhythms have the ability to give birth to a plethora of colorful emotions inside of us, making us feel connected, making us feel drawn to a community of some sort, enabling us to bond over something shared – a history, a tradition, a goal.

The sonorous presence of bees brings life and comfort to a garden and its many inhabitants, thus creating an organic orchestra from nature’s best workers. In turn, specific frequencies from the ranges of 250-500 Hz can easily draw the little creatures together, due to how close they are to their own natural buzzing, thus forming the perfect ambient space for the creation of something meaningful, special – honey.

The shared effort of making and harvesting honey is enclosed in a space of deep musicality forming the possibility for the deepest connection between man, nature, and the environment. The process of drawing in bees starts by playing the aforementioned frequencies – between 250-500 Hz. By imitating the sounds, we attract the little buggers - they are touched from a far.  A space is formed for them to arrive easily and start working in an environment which they can already recognize as home.

In turn, the buzzing of the bees creates the perfect calming environment for work, a feedback loop is generated by their own sound and the frequencies, thus engendering the space. The gentle hum that fills the air makes you feel at peace, it’s as if the bees are whispering a secret message that only you can understand. One might say its nature playing its own organic instruments. A beautiful sound that always makes you feel happy and content.

Honey, be it from rapeseed, linden, sunflower or polyflower is the product of a shared sacred space, a shared musicality, a shared affinity to nature’s own tuning. As humans we can only marvel at the process and the craft that is the creation of something so delicious, pure, and genuinely soothing. Something that brings immense sweetness to our otherwise mundane, and anxiety driven day-to-day life as humans. 

And all of this, this connection, is possible through music, the music of bees, the symphony of the garden and the tuning of nature, all bringing us closer together in the heart of being to create something mutual and special.


Music draws in.

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