Nature’s potential for changing history.

Big Buzz Orchestra Honey is a labor of devotion.

We believe that only through care one can express nature’s endless potential and give form to the sprawling beauty of its spontaneity. This belief will guide us on our journey through the land of honey.

Our precious hives are located on the island of Belene. A place where one’s breath is taken away by the abundance of flower aromas, by the quiet sprinkles of water, by the harmonious exuberance of a complex ecosystem.

Our mission is to carefully tend to the fragility of Belene’s beauty and to transform it into the gift of honey. But our devotion doesn’t only come from Belene’s graceful, natural splendour. It also comes as a humble and reverential response to its history. A history filled with oppression and violence that still scars this fruitful land. Belene was a political prison where brave, free - thinking people were held. We believe one cannot forget such injustice and just move on. One must show respect to this unforgivable past in order to transform it through continual, enduring and careful labor. Thus, our journey doesn’t end with the production of a pure and consciously made honey but with the hope for forgiveness and positive transformation. Our honey is but a small gift to you. A testimony to nature’s potential for changing history.

Belene prison camp